Seeking clarity in your life? I provide intuitive Oracle Card Readings, Channeled Angel Messages, and Energy Healing Sessions in order for you to access and align with the guidance that is deep within you. All readings and sessions are infused with the healing energy of Reiki and Archangelic Light. The purpose of my services is to facilitate deep healing, inner peace, and provide life-enhancing guidance from the Angels.

Welcome to Clarity with Chrissy!

Hello everyone! My name is Christian Carson. I am a Spiritual Intuitive, Angel Channeler, Card Reader, and Energy Healer. I am thankful to have a strong connection to the world of Spirit. This connection has been carefully cultivated for many years, gently tended to like a garden. I see, hear, and feel Angels, Spirit Guides, and at times loved ones who have passed on to the other side. I work with these divine beings to bring forth messages or healing to those who desire it.  

I have a passion to follow the guidance brought forth by spirit, and to serve others on their healing journeys. I assist in this process by helping them align with and rediscover the guidance that is within them, which at times may feel difficult to access. I currently do this through Oracle Card Readings and Energy Healing Sessions with Channeled Messages from Angels and Spirit. All of my readings and sessions are infused with with the healing energy of Reiki and Archangelic Light. Working with the Angels and Spirit has brought me great blessings and served me immensely in my life. Because it has helped me so much, I would like to assist others in connecting with the Divine. 

I have spent the majority of the decade of my 20’s dedicated to my spiritual path, honing my craft, and spending countless hours in study. I have worked with and learned from many healers, and tried many healing modalities. I am naturally intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and empathic. I am a certified: Spiritual Life Coach, Card Reader, Angel Guide, Channeler, Usui Reiki Master, Archangelic Light Master, and Crystal Healer. I participated in a Shamanic Apprenticeship for two years. I am also a licensed Esthetician. I have an Associate in Arts Degree and I am currently pursuing a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. I have also learned much of my skill set from years of working with others on their healing, self practice, and guidance from Spirit. I worked in childcare for over a decade as well, and that has been one of my greatest spiritual teachers in and of itself.

I would be grateful to serve you on your journey. 💗

Transformative Oracle Card Readings and Powerful Energy Healing Sessions

Oracle Card Readings

Five Card Reading: $30

Ten Card Reading: $60

(Specific questions on any topic: love, life purpose, career, general etc. All readings are done at distance. Oracle Card Readings are written up in a very detailed report with results of the reading, emailed to you, and sent within 4 business days after purchase. Readings include elaborate and personal Channeled Angel Messages. You must be 18 or older to purchase.)

Energy Healing Sessions

•One Hour: $80

(All sessions are done at distance. Consists of Reiki, Archangelic Light Healing, Aura Clearing, Cord Cutting, and Chakra Balancing. Beneficial for any type of healing, stress reduction, pain relief, deep relaxation, emotional cleansing, increased energy, spiritual guidance and much more. Energy Healing sessions are done live on video call by appointment. Sessions include elaborate and personal Channeled Angel Messages. You must be 18 or older to purchase.)

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“I was blown away by the accuracy of the reading. It had everything that I wanted to know and have clarity on. It felt so pure and sourced from the divine that I was so charged after my reading. Over the years Chrissy has strengthened her art and skill to an extent that she believes in helping people have their dream life by providing them the clarity they need. 

By empowering them with her positive influence, Chrissy made me feel confident about myself and my dreams. She will not only provide you an elaborate reading but will connect to you on a deeper level. I have found a soul connection with her, which is rare to find. She’s extremely warm,  humble and empathetic. 

Chrissy cleared all my doubts related to my reading and patiently answered all the questions I had. Where do you find such people?

I’m so happy and grateful Universe connected us at such a right time in my life.

I have kept my reading safe with me and it’s so reassuring to have something to go back to when you don’t feel great about yourself or things aren’t going well in life. 

One more bonus of having Chrissy in your life is that she sends you content which she feels will help you in your journey. She is one human that you definitely need in life.” 

-Mitali C.

“How accurate is this reading! I’m actually speechless right now. Everything you mentioned is exactly what a little voice in my head was telling me. You are absolutely talented Chrissy! So thankful that your paths came across each other. I’m definitely looking forward to working with you in the near future. I kid you not, this lady and her angels answered 3 other questions that I did not ask her. The two I had asked about were so accurate and she mentioned details about my life that no one could easily guess. She is one hundred percent recommendable. If you are feeling lost, need clarity, or just need to know if you are on the right path, contact her to inquire.” 

-Mondi N.

“This was my first oracle reading and I was impressed! The message was full of positivity and love, while also making me reflect on some areas in my life which may need improvement. Some details were very specific, so I knew the message was right for me. I couldn’t be happier, and I’ll be consulting with Chrissy in the future, when I need more guidance!”

-Lyndsay H.

“My reading was super accurate, detailed, and very well explained. I was so happy with it! It helped me a lot with much-needed guidance. She also told me specific things about my baby that turned out to be true. I was really impressed. Highly recommend!” 

-Caitlin M.

“Wow, wow, wow… What a beautiful experience. Your reading was spot on. You clearly have a gift and sharing the truth of that is my pleasure. Thank you so much for your effort. The reading was one of truth and love. I received clarity, so if you’ve been feeling like you want a reading, and you’ve followed the path this far… follow the path.” 

-Michael H. 

“Chrissy’s reading resonates so deeply and she has very important insight when it comes to shedding light on your most delicate situations!”

-Chelsea M.

Professional Memberships:

•International Association of Therapists

•The World Metaphysical Association

•The Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers

*Disclaimer: All readings are legally for entertainment purposes only. Any actions taken or decisions made by you as a result of your reading or session are your sole responsibility and Clarity with Chrissy does not assume any legal liability for any consequences, damages and/or losses. Please be advised that any product or service, oral or written, purchased on this website is not intended to cure any disease or medical issue of any type. Contact your healthcare provider with any medical questions. All of your information will be kept confidential.*